What Does Your Jewellery Say About You?

Do you like a small understated sparkle of silver around your neck? Or do you blind your friends with bling and dazzle them with diamanté?

What kind of jewellery you wear says a lot about you, and can give some interesting insights to your personality, and how you wish to present yourself to others…

Bright Colourful Jewellery

Colourful Jewellery for colourful people

Wearing large, brightly coloured statement pieces sends a message to others that they are not afraid to be apart from the crowd; they speak their mind and have a love of difference and authenticity, standing up for the underdog. Colourful jewellery people wear their hearts on their sleeves (or ears, or necks:), with a sunny outlook on the world, spreading a little colour into the lives of those they meet. Strangely, therapists seem to enjoy wearing a lot of colourful jewellery…fun fact 🙂

Antique Jewellery

If you have a penchant for old brass pendants or a fetish for filigree, chances are you are a sentimental person, introverted and nostalgic over days gone by, looking to connect with the past. You are more likely to be a thoughtful, analytical person, perhaps an avid reader or an old-time movie buff. Where the bright and bold jewellery wearer is apt to be the life and soul of the party, you are more likely to be a people-watcher, content to participate in life’s events from a distance. Those who seek out antique jewellery (rather than being given, say, a family heirloom) love the history behind their accessories, and have a meaningful attachment to them, as an extension of their personality.

Glitzy Costume Jewellery

Is your jewellery box a pirate’s chest of shiny costume jewellery? You may be one of wanna be Gliteratti, changing out your silver, gold or diamanté rings and bracelets for every event or outfit. Costume jewellery lovers can be outgoing, sociable and don’t get bogged down in the small stuff. They often love a bargain and can keep up with the most dedicated of shoppers and party-goers, unafraid to sparkle in the crowd. Their message is one of fun and exhuberance – the perfect accompaniment for an evening out…unless you’re at an antique jewellery convention…

Matching Sets

One of the reasons why so many professionals wear matching sets is that they exude confidence, got-it-togetherness and maturity. The ubiquitous term ‘twin set and pearls’ – a matching top and bottoms with a matching set of jewellery is often used perjoratively, but is making a come-back, having for years been the the outfit of choice for the mature lady who wishes to look elegant but understated. On a more down-to-earth level, a matching set of jewellery shows that you have not yet lost an earring down the plug hole or left your bracelet at a friends house after a few gins. Not to be sniffed at.

Whether your preference is for costume jewellery or the real deal, colourful or elegant, it’s always worth considering as a statement of your personality, just as much as the clothes you wear, or handbag you carry about with you. Hmm..kitchen sink bag or compact purse bag…now that’s a post for another day…