View from a Gallery

When life imitates art…

Since coming to the Isle of Bute, I have never lost the initial joy I felt of waking up and hearing the boats, seagulls (not so much, I confess:) and other sounds of island of life which fill the morning air. Whilst others are caught up in mad intercity traffic rushes, I amble down my quiet seaside street and open up the bute gallery, ready for a day that is never quite the same as the last.

As Summer draws closer, this quiet little town springs to life, with the ferries bringing a regular flurry of visitors, ready to enjoy – for a day or two – the peace and tranquility that the Isle of Bute offers.

I have many good friends and acquaintances, who pop in to the gallery throughout the day to have a look around, maybe buy a little something for an up-and-coming birthday – and catch up on what’s new. Life is never dull here, and I do enjoy being part of a community that is so embracing of diversity and creativity, more so, I think, than the average community. As an Art Gallery, I think it’s so important to be part of that creativity, offering the modern, traditional and quirky side of art and jewellery, always having something new for those who come to visit.

Within the open space of the bute gallery, I am continually looking out for artists whose work reflects that creative mindset, be that watercolour acrylic or oil, sculptures or jewellery makers. Much of the work we have here is inspired by the sea and surrounding landscapes – that’s why I always get such a buzz when an artist agrees to create works just for us of our beautiful Bute! It’s incredible how disparate each artist’s view is of the same scenery; whether it’s because they work with a certain palette, or have a particular style of painting – each artist portrays the island in their unique way, offering a view that hasn’t been seen before.

We have a few artists this year who are providing work of the Isle of Bute, starting off with Dionne Sievewright – and I know that others here are as excited as I am to have new works of the scenery they know and love so well. For me, opening up in the morning is always even more of a joy when the views I moved here for are waiting for me on the walls of this lovely little gallery on the Isle of Bute.

Kingarth, Isle of Bute, Jeff Worrall