The Joy of Jewellery

We are sentimental beings – there’s nothing quite like a little trip down Nostalgia Lane to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come, or how much our lives have changed! Jewellery is not just a symbol of affection, it can represent a new beginning, or a fond ending that we want to keep hold of.

Remembering makes us who we are – good times that lift us, sad times which give us depth and the little things that pop into our memory only when triggered by our senses. What does the smell of baked bread remind you of? Or the first fall of snow? We can’t help it – nostalgia is part of who we are and we find our own ways of marking time.

Some do this with diaries, diligently documenting their daily exploits, giving us pages and pages of scribblings and meanderings – wonderful to read through on a cold evening with a gin and tonic, but not great to carry with you every day:) Or we often mark a memory with a photograph in a frame – perfect for capturing a moment in time to hang on your wall, but again, a little heavy round the neck!

This year, why not keep that special memory with you all year round; jewellery is a wonderful reminder which never loses its appeal or the reason it came into your life.

Whether you’re a ring person or prefer a bracelet or necklace, come into the Bute Gallery to browse our range of beautiful pieces, suitable for all budgets and tastes. You can also order online, with postage and packaging included in the price. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful memory to bring you joy wherever you go this year.