Twiggy – Mika Mayovich


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Oil on Canvas.

29.5′ x29.5′


Dominika (Mika) Mayovich was born in 1986.

Mayovich graduated from the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in 2011 with a BA(Hons).

She is an expressive figurative painter. Her face studies are modern, attractive and instantly likeable with vibrant colours that generate positive responses with the viewer.

Mika qualified as an Polish artist from an art boarding school in Rzeszow, South East Poland, close to where she was raised in Nisko. Following school, she furthered her studies by taking an art foundation course at an art college in Oxford, England before entering GSA in 2007.

Mika was born shortly before Poland gained its independence from Russia. As a young child she observed life in the wake of the creation of a democracy and the rebuild of a country. Mika developed a strong sense of independence in this period, which brought her to her new life in the UK.

Mika is also experimenting with some new, powerful (emotive, reflective) studies that explore and give us insight into a personal crisis (in response to the death of a boyfriend) and her sense of (emotionally) falling apart.

A bright young artist with a bright future ahead of her.