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DIMENSIONS: Height 6.5cm, diameter 34cm.


Made from fine English earthenware.


Janice Tchalenko trained as a studio potter in the late ‘60s. For ten years she produced hand thrown tableware in the ‘Leach’ tradition, but then introduced new shapes and bright colours to set a whole new agenda for the studio pottery movement.

In the early 1980s’ Next Interiors asked her to design a range of giftware for their new shops, and at the same time she became chief designer for Dartington Pottery (1984-2010), creating their signature ranges in high fired reduction stoneware. She also worked with Designers Guild on a range of fabrics based on her ceramic surface patterns.

With Dartington Pottery she has won the ‘Manchester Prize for Art in Production’, and the Radio 4 Enterprise Award, for ‘Small Business of the Year’. She was also the winner of the Laura Ashley Fellowship.

Green Leaf Bowl, 2012.

Alongside making individual exhibition pieces, she has collaborated with painters and sculptors, exploring common ground between fine art and ceramics. One of her most fruitful projects was with the ‘Spitting Image’ workshop, the outcome being an exhibition ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum (1991).