Paula Bolton – Jewellery

Paula Bolton Bracelet.

Inspired by the paintings of Monet, including his 1899 masterpiece The Water-Lily Pond, this gold-plated sterling silver bracelet is set with opal and water sapphire (iolite).

Designed by Paula Bolton, this gold-plated bracelet illustrates her passion for art, history and the garden by capturing the elusive effect of light on water with carefully chosen gemstones.

Hand-crafted in Bali by special people who are as spiritual as they are creative, this silver bracelet is made by craftsmen whose skills have been handed down from generation to generation.

Combining 925 silver with 18-carat gold-plating, Paula Bolton’s tribute to Claude Monet and his paintings is a wearable work of art. Not only is it a distinctive reminder of Monet’s water-lily canvases in The National Gallery, it’s also a beautiful art jewellery gift for any lover of Impressionism.

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