Beginners’ Guide to Art Collecting

Art collecting need not be a pastime of the rich and famous. Regardless of budget, anyone can begin collecting quality art, if they know where to look and how to finance it…

Viewing Art
If you are not quite sure what kind of art you like, then get out there! There are many exhibitions, galleries and art events which you can attend. You will soon get to know modern artists whose work you love, and who is ‘on the up’ in the art world. For those who are unable to travel, don’t despair; much of your research can also be done from your laptop or tablet, through online art sites, and even Facebook. However, there is nothing quite like seeing a piece of work ‘in the flesh’ to appreciate the skill, methods and materials used to complete the artist’s work.

Purchasing Art
It’s also easy to purchase an artwork which is a little beyond your means if you are prepared to wait for it; many art galleries offer a ‘layaway’ option, to enable you to pay up your artwork whilst it is secured by the gallery in your name. It may take a year or even longer, but if you have set your heart on a piece in a gallery which offers this method of payment, you too can own artworks which can increase in value over time.

Pleasure or Gain?
Lastly, the most common question is whether a novice art collector should buy are for pleasure or for financial gain. It’s important that a piece of art is purchased for the joy it brings to the collector and then as an investment; an artwork which may be many years on your wall should always be able to invoke that little flutter of delight as you pass.