Owen Claxton

I am an MFA graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 1997, that year I was a joint winner of the Andrew Grant Bequest prize for painting and the previous year I was winner of the Scottish International Education Trust Award for outstanding work by a student at a Scottish art school. Since leaving college I have worked full time as a an artist, exhibiting regularly and in 2002 I was awarded a grant by the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. I also work for an independent publisher as a book illustrator, in recent years I have painted covers for New York Times Award winning author GP Taylor and ‘Archers’ actor Tim Bentinck among others.

Anyone looking at my work may discern a certain emphasis on the nude female form as the primary subject matter. An ever present in the canon of Western art the human figure has long been thought to be the most difficult thing to draw well and I enjoy that challenge. I wouldn’t deny a frank delight in feminine beauty but I get the greatest satisfaction in the collaboration of ideas that I get when working with models. They bring fresh perspectives and usually have very clear ideas about how they wish to be represented. In the future I would like to move towards more ambitious tableaux style multi figure compositions in my paintings and develop a more narrative theme to my work.

I live and work in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and when I am not working I can often be found following the adventures of a certain Timelord as he travels through time and space.