Joseph Thomas


My name is Joseph Thomas, and I am an artist/photographer. Photography is the main way I communicate my views of the ever changing world around us.

Having been born with a brain tumour and going through surgery to have it removed, I feel I have an ability to see the world in a somewhat different light. Going through such a dramatic situation gave me the determination to find myself in the ever changing world.

I grew up in Manchester, one of four children. My dad was an Art teacher while my mum gave up work to look after me during my illness and recovery.   I have many happy memories, full of family love and care. My parents were always there to help me pursue my dreams and ambitions.

I have an ND in graphic design and art foundation, a BA Hons in Photography and my work has been featured at the Royal Academy of Art.  I lived in New York to work alongside photographer Simon Johan, also working at the Yossi Milo gallery. When I returned to the UK I assisted French photographer Charles Freger, documenting the Orange Order in Northern Island. I now work as a freelance photographer as well as putting together a series of work for an exhibition of my work.

‘At one’s Pleasure’ by Joseph Thomas