Iain MacDonald

I graduated from the Drawing and Painting school at Edinburgh College of Art in 2004.  Following my degree, I continued to draw and paint, submitted work for exhibitions and competitions, and regularly painted commissioned portraits.  However, my current work – which relies upon a traditional technique – is really the result of a year I spent in Australia, where I was fortunate to find the time to improve technical aspects of my work and develop my ideas.  Whilst there, I sold and exhibited work, produced public sculptures and taught.  I now teach art and exhibit my work on a regular basis, primarily in Glasgow.

My paintings are largely figurative and are created using traditional methods of underpainting, layering and glazing.  Portraiture, because of the unique challenges it presents, is perhaps my favourite subject: recreating the colours and textures of skin is a real test of skill.  I am currently working on still-lifes, painting a series of images of crushed and folded paper.  This subject allows me to explore light, form and composition in a very simple, flexible way.  In some of the works I use the paper to make objects – paper bottles, boxes and icebergs  – and arrange them to create artificial, stylised takes on traditional genres, such as landscape.  All of my work is representational and – despite enjoyable forays into other areas – is very much driven by exploration of the figure and the face.